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According to Jonathan Cainer:

What are you counting on? A proven process or a hopeful hypothesis? If you have good reason to expect things to work out in a certain way, stop worrying. If you’re just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, uncross those fingers at once. For one thing, while they are crossed, you can’t summon the digital dexterity you need. For another, you are running on faith at a time when you need to be acknowledging a reality. The Harmonic Convergence suggests that things can alter – but through intelligent effort, not just optimism.

Your Week Ahead – Love Focus: We live in a world full of so-called experts. Specialists abound. Consultants are rife. Everyone, it seems, has a particular field of interest in which they excel. It’s nice to believe that this is really the case and it’s true that some of us know much more about certain topics than others do. Nonetheless, there are some factors in this world of which we are all equally ignorant! With regard to what’s in your heart and who you need in your life, nobody but you can speak with authority now.


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