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The past week hasn’t been the easiest for Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper. He stuck his foot all the way down his own throat when he was caught on camera telling people he wanted to fight every n***er at a Kenny Chesney concert. While many are doing everything in their power to make Cooper feel the ramifications of his comments, one person who isn’t angrily tweeting the football player is rapper Bun B.

Bun B, a member of UGK and Houston Hip-Hop royalty, says Cooper knows he messed up and will have to pay for his mouth for the entire football season. “He obviously knows he messed up. He’s got a long football season in order to deal with the ramifications. The field’s 100 yards and he’s a receiver so he got to go across the middle a lot.” Bun B went on to say that we need to worry about bigger issues when concerning the racial epithet rather than Riley Copper’s use of it.

Bun B stated, “We’ve got bigger things to worry about than just this. There’s bigger issues with the word and what’s going on in America right now with relations.”

While Bun B is being very diplomatic, rapper Lil Wayne isn’t. Weezy tweeted, “Riley Cooper kan suk my…!”

What are your thoughts on the matter?


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