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Three men entered a New Jersey store, only to find that it was closed. So what did they do? They did a little shopping and left payment for their purchases on the counter, reports CNN affiliate News 12 New Jersey.

The incident happened Sunday night at a Buddy Small Lots. The managers of the new location received a call from police that immediately sent them into panic mode.

“We got a phone call at the police department saying there had been a break in at the store,” Marci Lederman of Buddy’s Small Lots said.

When Lederman and police officers arrived at the location, they noted that nothing in the store seemed out of place, so they checked the security camera — and quickly discovered how events unfolded.

Read more from News 12 New Jersey:

They do a little shopping, calling out to a clerk who never shows up. After doing a little mental math, the guys decide to pay for sunglasses and batteries, even though no one’s around to force them.

At around 7 on a Sunday, the shopping mall is still open, including the pharmacy and grocery store on either side. But Buddy’s Small Lots was closed, although you wouldn’t know it because the lock on the door had malfunctioned.

The system also leaves most of the lights on, so employees admit it pretty much looks open.

Buddy’s just opened their Wayne location, and the store’s leadership says they’re happy to be a part of such an honest community.

“Buddy’s really wants to thank them, so we’d love for them to come forward and tell us who they are so that we can give them some gift certificates and hopefully just say thank you in person,” Luke Margolis said.

See News 12 report below:

Though most have taken the story as the feel good human interest story that it is, there are some Black people who take it as insulting that the story of three Black men doing the right thing —  by not robbing the joint — is news worthy at all.

Wherever you fall in response to this piece, it still holds true that character is who you are when no one is watching. So kudos to these 3 young men for doing the right thing!

Honest Mistake: Men Enter Closed Store By Accident, Still Pay For Purchases [VIDEO]  was originally published on newsone.com