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Kendrick Lamar visited “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” over at LA’s  Power 106 and he was asked about the one topic everyone has been dying to get him to discuss…his control verse!

Said Kendrick,

“Honestly I didn’t know it would be so much speculation—I just wanted to rap. If anybody knows me doing music, I wanna just rap.”

Check Mr. Lamar out in the audio below!



He also spoke on calling himself “The King Of New York” saying,

“I think that’s a case where I maybe had to dumb down my lyrics just a little bit. The irony of that line is that the people that actually understood it and got it was the actual kings of New York. We’ve been down with them this past week, and them understanding that it’s not about actually being the King of whatever coast, it’s about leaving the mark as great as Biggie as great as Pac.”

Welp there you have it! So now everyone step up your bars and if you don’t have bars find another profession! Now we can all hold hands and sing in perfect harmony while drinking Cokes right? Of course not, but we can dream! We know artists are still going to go for Kendrick’s jugular for what he said but this may actually be a good thing. Forcing artists to be good or go home is great and we’re still glad KL did it! It’s a wonderful thing for the quality of Hip Hop….period!


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