Brian Cloniger (Pictured Above ) is behind bars this morning on a $2,2 Million bond after shooting 8 Year Old Black Kid, Donald Maiden Jr, in the face last week. Police are hard at work trying to uncover a motive behind the senseless shooting that landed Maiden in ICU in  Dallas. Media reports in Dallas say that Cloniger was outside his apartment waving his gun around 7:00pm on Tuesday (9/3) before aiming for Maiden’s jaw and opening fire. He was then approached by a neighbor about the situation and Cloniger’s response was “Yeah I shot that kid.” 

Donald Maiden Sr (Father of the victim) cried at his son’s bedside in his Dallas Hospital Room, “When I first saw him in ICU I started crying, I just put my head down in his bed and was holding his hand at the same time. And he opened his eyes. And when I raised back up I looked and there were tears rolling down his eyes and it gave me a little bit of spirit in my heart. It was joy, I guess he was kind of happy to know I was there. “ 

What type of world do we live in? 

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