From News broke yesterday that the Toronto’s pride and joy, Drake, will be the host of this years ESPYs. Should be awesome considering his undying love for athletes and athletics. The “Draft Day” rapper shared the news via Twitter. “Honored to be this year’s @ESPYS host @espn 7.16.2014 #ESPYS #NWTS,” he tweeted. He felt that […]

From I’m just going to sit here and just act like this didn’t happen Khia. Check out the photos here.  @BrianJamesLive (Twitter) @IAmBrianJames (Instagram)

  From Well, this is a little sketch… Dude beats his boo thang and only spends 24 hours in the prison. De’Angelo Holmes from the Yin Yang Twins is the culprit here but must’ve said something that the judge liked because after he pleaded ‘no contest’ to the charges of beating up his girlfriend, […]

  Seen at After the show there was the after party [Stop singing the lyrics]. Drake’s amazing concert made for a bigger after party where Drake’s entourage was inviting some concert goers to meet them at. There, they spilled all the beans about Rihanna’s demanding personality and even went as far as saying that […]

From Miley may have lost me because of this little debacle here. What a d bag. Check this out.  Radar Online: As seven-year-old Miley Hodge battles the deadly Stage IV Osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer, doctors told her family last December that she had just four-to-six months to live. Facing their final […]

 From I personally hope this isn’t true. It’s been a hard life for the Chicago rapper surely growing up surrounded by gang violence. Today, the world is buzzing about the possibility of his connection in a shooting in his hometown. According to TMZ: Chief Keef somehow got mixed up in a shooting early Wednesday AM […]

From All rise! The honorable Judge Joe Brown MyFoxMemphis Judge Joe Brown was arrested Monday on contempt of court charges FOX13 News has learned. Judge Brown is a Democratic candidate for the Shelby County District Attorney General’s office. Apparently, Judge Brown was at Shelby County Juvenile Court and he wanted to speak on behalf […]

From Well this is certainly weird. A package from South America was carrying 14 condoms filled with cocaine. That well protected package was in route to the Vatican before being seized in Germany.  CBS:  The drug haul was unremarkable, but the destination raised eyebrows. German weekly Bild am Sonntag reported Sunday that customs officials […]

  From Can he be in a special prison under another prison? Like is there a jail under a jail? This fool.  ABC reports: A 25-year-old Washington man accused of putting his 6-week-old daughter in a 10-degree freezer for about an hour to stop her crying was sentenced Friday to 16 years in prison. Prosecutor […]

A Academy for Ideal Educaton Closed Monday Achievement Preparatory Academy Closed Ad Fontes Academy Closed Aidan Montessori School Closed Alexandria City Govt. Closed Alexandria Country Day School Closed Alexandria Gen. District Court Closed Alexandria Schools Closed, Emergency Personnel Report Alexandria Transit Co. DASH will begin service at 8 AM Alzheimers Family Day Center Closed Ambleside […]

From Since the January 3 murder of G Unit Affiliate Mazaradi Fox, police have been trying to get to the bottom of the murder and yesterday, they have made a major discovery. NYPD arrested 35 year old, Jamal Scott, for the murder of Mazaradi Fox, ( Jamal Green). Scott is the older brother of […]

  Seen at You’ve been seeing this videos surfacing of a young Destiny’s Child where Beyonce’ is seen throwing shade at other members. Probably the most popular one is the video where the group is introducing themselves and telling their roles, Kelly Rowland goes on to say that she is the second lead vocalist […]