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If you ever want to know the truth between a celebrity couple, just follow them on Twitter and/or Instagram. Some media outlets have been reporting that Keyshia Cole’s husband, Daniel “Booby” Gibson, may have gotten another women pregnant. Some have even questioned if the couple are headed for divorce as Keyshia Cole posted a picture of her moving out of their Cleveland home, and other subliminal messages on her account.  Now, I don’t keep up with Booby’s basketball career, did he get traded? If not, “The Writing” may not be on the wall but something is going on.

To put everything in perspective, Booby took to Twitter to address the rumors.

Booby shared:

Even Keyshia Cole fans chimed in on the situation between the married couple.

As of yet, Keyshia has yet to respond. Meanwhile, she is on the road promoting her shoe line with Steve Madden!

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