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Pebbles Reid plans to sue R&B group TLC. During the premier of  VH1’s “Crazy Sexy Cool” movie; she took her rants to twitter saying: “Im not here to promote something I put on the map and yet have been direspected by because of more reasons than one! Lawyers on deck.” Salty maybe?! ofcourse! The former manager of TLC has been on a twitter rant since last week after listening to an interview T-Boz and Chilli did before the movie premiered lastnight. T-Boz shared that when it came time for the ladies to step away from Pebbles; they wanted to buy the name “TLC” from her. She charged them a whopping $1 Million dollars per letter! After paying the trio $25 a week for only food, disguising stolen money with old suv’s with custom name stickers, $15, 000 checks from a platinum album once everybody and their grandmother took their cut, you get an extra 3 million for a name… AND you’re trying to sue for more money?! Wow! TLC is a ROCK solid group, they couldn’t be stopped by Pebbles before and they wont be stopped now!


10 Thoughts About The TLC Movie “CrazySexyCool”
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