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Gimme my money!!

That is what Teddy Riley is screaming to Lady Gaga.  For the young ones out there, Teddy Riley is a well known producer who came to the game with a new sound.  Not only did he work with greats like Michael Jackson, but he was also apart of the hottest male R&B group of the 90’s Blackstreet.  Riley is undoubtedly a respected name when it comes to music, so respected that Pop artist Lady Gaga worked with him.

Gaga and Riley joined forces on her ‘Fame Monster’ album.  The song that the two worked on is entitled “Teeth” (below).

Time has passed and now Teddy Riley is claiming that he has not seen any money from the collaboration on the 2009 album.  Riley was suppose to receive 25 percent for writing fees.  Because he hasn’t seen the money from Gaga or her “monsters” Teddy is taking this matter to court.

$500,000 dollars Riley is suing Gaga.  Not only is he suing for his writing fees, but he is also suing for punitive damages.

Gaga has yet to respond to the suit, but for Teddy’s sake hopefully she goes through it because he’s been in financial waves lately.

-JaLisa Dove


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