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Singer Miley Cyrus has really adopted the attitude of the weed-smoking rappers she’s been spotted hanging with recently. Over the weekend, Cyrus attended the MTV Europe Music Awards and performed twice. While her performances were tame, her acceptance speech was what caused the shock this time.


When she hit the stage to accept her award for Best Video, Miley pulled a tightly rolled joint out of her purse and commenced to lighting that bad boy up. Did we mention the telecast was live? Clad in a white body suit and a fur coat pulled from someone’s closet in the 70s, Miley won’t get in trouble for smoking kush on stage because the awards show took place in Amsterdam. And we all know why potheads love going to Amsterdam, but in case you don’t know, smoking weed it legal there.

Now the question is how will her actions overseas impact her  celebrity in the States. We’ll have to continue to watch the methodical train wreck that is Miley Cyrus to find out.



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