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2013 some of your favorite celebs and unlikely suspects gave us some of the most memorable LOL moments of the year! Whether it was a calm explanation, a color denial or a loud abrasive way to tell someone they are wrong, it was done and we all laughed no matter how serious or ridiculous these people were. Here is The Best Sound Bytes of 2013!

Mayor Rob Ford – I got enough to eat at home

Mayor Ford made waves this year from his crack smoking rant, refusing to resign and trying to rush a Councillor during a hearing but nothing nothing tops his live press conference where he wanted to prove his innocence of his offer of oral sex

Terio’s Cousin – OOH Kill Em’

Although Instagram R.I.P’ed Vine in a matter of weeks no one benefited more that Terrio and his Cousin. This may very well be the catchphrase of the year and decade.

Charlamange The God Goes In on No New Friends Video

It’s no secret that Charlamange and Drake will NEVER be friends. That bridge is burned forever. However that will not stop Charlamange for talking. Check out how he feels about No New Friends as a song and a video.


Kanye West is KING OF ALL SOUND BYTES! He’s had so many this year that this list could have been just him…So we will just give you the National Favorite for 2013

Maino – “When were these dudes ever real N***as?” “I’m a changed man, I wear Glasses.” “I’m about that…I want to take that challenge”

Maino has officially been named “The Bouncer of New York”. He didn’t take Trinidad James comments lightly and he was more than ready to do something about it. Check out these two audio pieces from the man with the Hand of God.

Challenge remark around the 2:25 mark

T.I – “Fuh Dat Top 10 List” in Front of Sway several times, “Top 10 muhfawkers never been robbed, lets do that list”

People may try to tell you T.I fell off or isn’t relevant anymore…well he had quite a few things to say about that. While bigging up his team and his outside music endeavors, Tip made it clear to Sway and the world that the MC list means nothing to him. He even took time out to offer a few list he knew he would be at the top of.

What was your favorite sound byte of 2013? Did we mention it? What is your favorite out of the ones above? Let’s us know in our Poll!

I just got on Duck Dynasty so I don’t know how many of these are from 2013…BUT Uncle Si is HILARIOUS!

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