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Nelson Mandela has made a huge impact on the world. A true leader and inspiration to people everywhere. When your reference has made it into music by some of the biggest hip-hop artists out, you’ve truly impacted live across the globe. Nelson Mandela may be gone but his work and memory live on, especially in these hip-hop songs.

“Married to Winnie, he think he really Nelson Mandela” – Wale

Song: Future

Artist: DJ Khaled

Album: We The Best Forever


“The pictures I paint, make the Mona Lisa look like fake art I feel the pain of Nelson Mandela” – Game

Song:Letter to the King

Artist: Game Feat. Nas

Album: LAX


“What if Nelson Mandela could give his time back?” -Jadakiss

Song: What if

Artist: Jadakiss feat. Nas

Album: The Last Kiss


“You can ask the bank teller But my money old like Nelson Mandela”- Lil Wayne

Song: Talk That

Artist: Lil Wayne feat. T-Pain

Album: Shock Value 2 (unreleased song)


“And Martin Luther King was never assassin Annotateated Imagine if Malcolm X would have made it And Nelson Mandela was never incarcerated” – Cassidy

Song: Peace

Artist: Cassidy

Album:  C.A.S.H.: Cass Always Stay Hard


“This is Nelson Mandela I represent Johannesburg, South Africa When in Africa chilling out I listen to Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek Reflection Eternal”. – Dave Chapelle

Song: Experience Dedication

Artist: Reflection Eternal

Album: Train of Thought


“When Nelson Mandela was freed from prison And spoke out at Yankee Stadium in New York, I was there” -KRS ONE

Song:  I Was There

Artist: KRS One

Album: Hip Hop Lives


“At the mic stand my performance is stellar Pop the tape in and I listen to fella I give a little shout to Nelson Mandela” – Beastie Boys

Song: Get Busy

Artist: Beastie Boys feat. Mixmaster Mic

Album: TT5B


“Beijing students fought aAnnotatermies with guns and knives At Kent State, they took four lives Nelson Mandela’s not free” – MC Serch

Song: The Gasface (remix)

Artist: 3rd Bass feat.  Prince Paul

Album: The Cactus Album

9 Nelson Mandela References In Hip-Hop Lyrics  was originally published on giantlife.com