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On the latest episode of <em>Real Housewives of Atlanta,Mama Joyce was throwing bows left and right! Mama Joyce has made it known several times that she feels that her daughter Kandi is engaged to an “opportunist,” and she is clearly not a fan. As we all see it unfold at the wedding dress fitting for Kandi, she isn’t #TeamCarmon (Kandi’s assistant/friend) either.

In an interview with RadarOnlineMama Joyce said she is “out of it” when it comes to Kandi’s and Todd wedding plans.

“I’m out of it. Whatever Kandi does, it is completely her decision now. I wish her well. I just hope that this is the right choice for her.”

“They have worn me down to the point where it has made me sick. I just don’t feel like Todd is the right choice. I think he’s manipulative… I’ve tried to shield my child, but I’m tired. I’m over it. I pray to God I’m wrong about him.  If Kandi is happy, I’m happy. At the end of the day, she’s the one who will have to deal with him not me.”

Mama Joyce also spoke about this past Sunday’s episode when things got heated with Kandi’s friend/assistant, Carmon.

“This was my daughter’s wedding dress fitting. If Carmon was the friend and ‘daughter’ that she always wanted to be, she should have gotten up and left when I asked her.”

“A lot of people who worked for Kandi and I have told me that Todd and Carmon were acting like much more than friends around the house. They may have squashed the relationship for now, but I truly believe they were doing things behind Kandi’s back at one point.”

“I’ve confronted Kandi [about the cheating rumors] — but she’s still with Todd, so who knows. It’s her choice, and I wish her well,” she said.

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