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All of our STANS and other Queen Bey fans are surely enamored at the lovely surprise Bey decided to give to us late last night. Bey is def changing the game with an album that is only $15.99 with 14 songs and 17 videos. Beyonce felt that her fans just deserved it and so do we!

Soul not for sale. Probably won’t make no money off of this. Oh well…

That’s the statement that Beyonce mde at the end of one of her videos which pretty much sums up how she feels about conforming to today’s music industry standards. Last night, she made a bold move and said, “crew what my label wants, screw promoting, screw everything,” and released her entire album of 14 songs, and 17 videos exclusively on Itunes. No advertising budget needed.

Word of mouth and social media buzz was the best promotion no money could buy and the album quickly sold over 80,000 copies in three hours. It is expected to be the #1 album on the Billboard charts when final album sales are tallied next week and it is currently #1 in 100 countries on Itunes.

[Not that she cares about the album sales, accolades, chart positions and all those things that artists usually obsess over, but the numbers make for a good conclusion to this experiment.]

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