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Producer Key Wane has built a strong hip-hop resume over the last three years. Getting his first big break producing Big Sean’s ”Memories,”in 2010. Since then, the Detroit producer has produced Guap” (Big Sean), “24 Karats of Gold” (Big Sean feat. J. Cole), and Meek Mill’s “Amen” (Feat Drake.) and one of this years fan favorites Drake’s “All Me” 2 featuring Chainz and Big Sean.

Recently, Key Wane had a helping hand on Beyonce’s latest album producing ”Partition” and playing the piano on the album cut ”Mine.”  With his contributions on Bey’s latest album and ability to produce  hip-hop and r&b tracks with pop appeal, Key Wane could be one of hip-hops most sought out producers in 2014. We had the chance to talk with Key Wane about working with Beyonce and how he views his success in 2013.

GL: Do you think this is your best year so far producing with the success of “All Me” “24k” and “Guap” ?

KW:  It’s not because every year I say to myself I wanna do better this year than the previous year. I think I had a good year with “Higher” “24k” and everything else and i always can take it a step higher.

GL: When producing or making beats do you have a particular artist in mind or do you have beats laying around just in case?

KW: Usually when I make beats I have an artist in mind. Sometimes I’ll make a beat and ill listen to an artists catalogue and say they don’t have this kind beat. Or give them a beat that doesn’t sound like that artist would rap on it and give them a new track to give them a new sound. Sometimes I make beats for the artist and sometimes I give stuff from out of category or group beats folder.

GL: Over the years has your production style changed?

KW: When I was in college I was taking a lot of music classes. A lot of things I did back then was training. Then i graduated school and had good year in music and that was from things I taught myself, learning new things and not being in school for the first time. the next year I thought it would be different because I was taking piano classes training myself to be more classical. I did a lot of training in piano a lot things switch up and my ideas are a little wild and you hear the change.

GL: Did learning how to play instruments make you a better producer?

KW: I know a lot of producers who don’t know how to play instruments and they dominate production. In my opinion I feel like it does because you know more music .You know more about cords you know more about sounds you know how a song is supposed to be formed. Learning the piano I’m saying it separates me from anybody because we’re all great at the end of the day but it does give you an advantage at handling a song, verses doing just a hip hop song, R&B song ,country and other genres with the education and learning certain instruments.

GL: Do you consider yourself a producer or beat maker.

KW: A producer!! I’ve written verses for artist, played piano on records, I don’t consider myself a beat maker I always wanted to do more than just create beats. I didn’t want to limit myself. I don’t want to limit myself now I wanna do a lot more, I want to score films I want to do everything at this point .

GL: If you had a chance to score film what kind of films would you want to score?

KW: Mainly horror. I’ve watched a lot of horror films and they have a lot of movements and I  listen to a lot of John Stevens. Maybe even  a drama or two. Horror for sure!!!

GL: You have production credit on Beyonce’s last album how was it getting that call?

KW: It started with the “Mine” record  and right after “Amen” was released, someone hit on me twitter saying Beyonce wanted to work. I sent over a piano record the very beginning of the interlude of “Mine” and thats me playing all of that. I originally sent it over as a full record. ”Partition” was a beat I made over a year and half ago. I was actually working with Sean out in L.A.. And on a free day I met up with a good friend of mine Ricky Anderson and he was working on Beyonce’s album. He grabbed a folder of beats from me and one of the beats in the folder was “Partition.” Then I got word from Beyonce’s people they wanted to use it and then after more people wanted to get on the record ended up being a great team record.

GL: How hard was it to keep the Beyonce Album a secret?

KW: I really didn’t know it was gonna come out around Christmas but I started getting paper work a month before. I didn’t want to tell any blogs about it because i didn’t want to ruin my situation, so i felt i didn’t want to speak on it because I felt it was going to be special moment. So I just kept my mouth shut. It was really hard not to talk about it.

GL: Do you like working with rappers or singers?

KW: I like working with both. It’s really hard to explain anybody with creative or musical mind would want to work with any genre. Working with Jhene Aiko is cool because she has great ideas and she knows how to record songs. Working with [Big] Sean is great because he knows what he wants and he’s all about making a song as big as possible. What’s cool about Sean is he not comfortable about a song how I send it to him, he wants to build it up as big as possible. Thats how “Higher” became what it was. Thats how a lot of my songs come about. I like working with both. I really can’t pick I enjoy working with both situations.

GL:  What are your plans for 2014 ?

KW:  I got a lot of surprises for 2014 but nothing I wanna speak on yet. I’m gonna surprise people. But I’ve been working with Jazmine Sullivan. When that comes out its gonna be good. But I have a lot surprises coming .

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