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When Beyonce‘ used the audio from the NASA Challenger tragedy on ‘XO’, I’m sure she has no idea it would make this much fuss. Originally, Beyonce had apologized for the use of the audio, after members of former NASA astronauts and their families felt offended.

My heart goes out to the families of those lost in the Challenger disaster,” Bey said in a statement. “The song ‘XO’ was recorded with the sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost loved ones and to remind us that unexpected things happen, so love and appreciate every minute that you have with those who mean the most to you.”

While most would be fine with the apology, it’s not enough for Sarah Mcnulty of Florida! She has launched a petition asking King Bey to come up off some of her coins.

Check out the petition that has been launched against Beyonce Yonce’ after the jump!

Sarah McNulty of Florida is requesting Beyonce’ to donate 25% of her proceeds from ‘XO’ to NASA’s Challenger Learning Center. Read the petition below:

We call on Beyonce to donate 25% of the proceeds from her new song to the Challenger Learning Center, started and maintained by the families of the fallen astronauts.

Beyonce’s new song entitled ‘XO’ samples a famous audio clip from the tragic space shuttle Challenger accident, in which seven American heroes were killed. This thoughtless gesture has shocked America and reopened an old wound. In addition, such a casual pop culture treatment trivializes what should always be remembered as an extremely painful chapter in American history.

Beyonce, claiming no harm meant, has suggested that the inclusion of the clip was meant to honor the fallen astronauts. While this is ill conceived logic, it indicates that Beyonce is sensitive to the grief of the deceased’s families and regrets that her mistake has caused so much harm.

It should follow, then, that Beyonce should welcome a way to fix her faux pas and make up to the families. That’s why we are calling upon Beyonce to donate 25% of the proceeds earned from the sales, syndication, and performance of the song ‘XO’ to the Challenger Learning Center.

Started and maintained to this day by the families of the fallen astronauts of the Challenger disaster, the these science centers are the result of the families’ collective decision to use the money received in legal retribution from NASA to continue the Challenger seven’s mission to explore, educate, and inspire young minds in space and science education. Since 1986, the generous donations of countless supporters has allowed the Challenger Learning Center to establish over 40 locations in the US, United Kingdom, Canada, and South Korea. No small expense, each location is crafted with incredible detail to be a veritable wonderland of science for children to explore.

It is the ultimate example of taking a terrible situation and using it to accomplish something truly beautiful. We call upon Beyonce to live up to her own standards and do the same.

Do you think Beyonce’ should donate proceeds to the non-profit organization or are people blowing it out proportion?


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