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Rumors have been surfacing across the Lone Star state that Houston could employ rapper Bun B as the next Mayor. Were the rumors true? Of course not. No, Bun B will not be running for Mayor. He tells MSNBC’s Tamron Hall, ”It’s just not practical. I haven’t had any real experience in the political world,” he openly admits. ”[If] I were to look to run for mayor, I would probably start somewhere in city council and get the feel of local politics; get my hands dirty so to speak–not dirty though, [Laughs] but get my feet in the water.” 

He was originally on the tube to talk about Law Enforcement’s tough strains on Hip Hop lyrics, as they cite those lyrics as reasoning behind crime increase. Many feel as though justice is never served in these cases and Bun B is one of them who decided to speak out on the prejudice against hip hop and it’s artists. 

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