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Justin Bieber

As a result of the DUI that Justin Bieber got yesterday, some troubling information is coming to light about his parents. The first thing being that TMZ reports that  his father 38-year-old Jeremy Bieber was not only present when Justin was arrested early Thursday morning … he was one of the people who helped block off the residential streets of Miami so his son could drag race. Jeremy Bieber was also at the club with his 19 year old son before Justin was arrested.

Why does all of this matter? Well because if Justin was high enough to admit to the police that he smoked weed and took some Rx meds then how in the world could his father who had been with him all day not know his son was in that condition. See what Wendy had to say about the same subject in the video below!



Then there is the issue of his mother who according to TMZ gives Justin the Rx meds that he’s been taking in the first place. Bieber allegedly admitted to police that he wasn’t sure exactly what kind of Rx drugs he had taken because he just takes whatever his mom Pattie gives him.


How can anyone expect this teenage BOY to get it together when his parents seem to be more concerned with being on Justin’s payroll and in his good graces than they are with making sure their son is well adjusted. Not to mention the toll this is all eventually going to take on his physical and mental well being. There truly is no excuse.

Bottom line get your son some help. Start being his parents instead of his buddies. He has enough people leeching off of him already…protect his interests instead of your own otherwise there won’t be anything left worth saving. He has enough money to get out of the spotlight and live comfortably for the rest of his days. If this doesn’t get under control and soon… he will be just another teen heart-throb statistic.


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