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AP_michael_dunn_tk_140213_16x9_992Mail Online reports:

A man who shot dead a black teenager in a row over loud music was a violent bully who allegedly threatened to kill his wives and forced one of them to have sex with strangers, people close to him have claimed.

It is only now after the completion of the trial that the sensational claims about alleged wife-beating and swingers’ clubs can be made.

They were made by his former next door-neighbor Charles Hendrix in a series of taped interviews to police detectives and the lawyer representing Davis’ family.
 In them, he claimed he witnessed first-hand bullying and violence towards Dunn’s two ex-wives that left them in fear of their lives.

He went into incredible detail to portray a supposedly brutal, domineering side of 47-year-old Dunn that the jury were not aware of. 
According to him, one claimed Dunn allegedly held a gun to her head and she was also forced to have sex with strangers at a swingers’ club just two days after she wed Dunn.

Hendrix was interviewed by a member of Davis’ legal team who gave MailOnline permission to use the tape. He was later interviewed by Detectives Musser and Oliver from the Jacksonville Police Department.

Another neighbor who lived in the same street as Dunn in Port St Lucie, Florida, in the late 1990s told MailOnline that he allegedly had a fearsome temper.

In the taped interview, Hendrix said he found Dunn an ‘arrogant man’ who believed he was intellectually superior to others.
 He said both of Dunn’s wives fled to his home to seek help after being allegedly verbally abused and physically beaten.

‘They would come to my house crying, claiming they are scared to death of this individual,’ Hendrix said.

Hendrix added that Dunn’s first wife, Sara, was from Mexico and his second, Clara, from Columbia. Both were permanent residents but did not have U.S. citizenship.
 Hendrix alleged that Dunn would taunt the women that he would get them deported and they would never see their children again.

Sara had a son while Clara had two daughters.

In his allegations, Hendrix claimed all the children were terrified of their step-dad and avoided him by staying over at his home in a quiet palm tree-fringed street in Port St Lucie.
 Hendrix said he once saw Sara with a swollen lip and a bruise on her face.

‘She had come to me crying that they had a real bad row about drugs and that he had threatened to blow her brains out,’ he said.

Hendrix said Dunn’s second wife, Clara, allegedly told him that she was forced to have sex with a stranger at a swingers’ club in Fort Lauderdale.

‘She told me she did not want to but was too afraid,’
he said.

Hendrix’s wife , who was also interviewed on the tape, said Clara told her the incident took place two days after they were married in a civil ceremony at a UPS store. She said she saw Clara was upset and invited her over to the house for coffee, where she told her about the sex with strangers.

‘She said the night after she got married, he [Dunn] took me to a switch club. When I asked what that was, she said it was a place where couples switch partners. She said it was disgusting.’

Mr and Mrs Hendrix repeated their claims of domestic violence in another taped interview recorded by police as part of their investigation. 
Hendrix, who now lives in Georgia, said he wasn’t surprised when he read Dunn had been charged with murder.

‘I knew this was going to happen sooner or later,’ he said.
’I had an inkling what he was capable off. I knew sooner or later this guy was going to kill someone. He thought the gun made him safe – that is the attitude he had.
 The gun was his best friend.’

Hendrix added that Dunn allegedly often spouted racist remarks and said America was being taken over by minorities.

‘He believed blacks and Hispanics were below white people.’ he said.



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