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Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.29.07 PMHeartbreak makes great songs: Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble, every sad song made by Mary J. Blige. Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘s Porsha Stewart made a song from her heartbreak. Its great but it was surprisingly good.

Stewart’s debut single “Flatline,” a ballad about being tired of the lack of reciprocity in a relationship, was released on iTunes early this morning. Its a breath of fresh air compared to the last song that come out of the Atlanta housewives (we all remember Tardy For the Party and it’s successors from Kim Zoliak) but something about the song makes it fall flat— pun completely intended.

The singing and song writing of the record are decent. Porsha proved that she can carry a note this season on RHOA when she auditioned to be in Kandi’s play. But, its the fact that the song is inspired by her split from Kordell Stewart that made me over the song before it started.

In an interview with The Dish earlier this year she said:

“I’ve been working on this song throughout the whole divorce and the whole season [of RHOA], mapping out my emotions and putting in things that I’ve gone through.

It’s emotional and it’s me really being vulnerable and just saying the things that a lot of people feel when you have a heartache and break up with someone.”

Porsha’s been crying about her ex-husband for almost a year now and her entire life storyline on RHOA is revolved around her relationship and separation from Kordell. I understand it was tough break-up but at what point do you rebuild your image and move on?


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Porsha is taking steps to becoming her own person. Step one was changing her name from Stewart to Williams. But, all the media coverage of the divorce and making a song about Kordell isn’t helping the cause.

With that being said, the song is catchy and I’ll sing along to it if I hear it come on, but its only a solid “meh” and clinging onto the damsel in distress thing because Kordell left her isn’t worth a “meh.”

Listen to the track for yourself and to see if you like it.