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Some jokes just aren’t funny. But that’s not what this 14-year-old girl, named Sarah, thought when she tweeted American Airlines that she is part of Al Queda, and on June 1, “something really big was going to happen.”

(photo: Business Insider)

Look, make jokes if you want to, but when it comes to terrorist threats, the government is going to be all up in that a–. American Airlines hit reply almost as fast as Sarah sent her tweet.

American Airline tweet

(photo: Business Insider)

Once the FBI has your IP address (if they don’t have it already), it’s all over. Clearly Sarah saw that her little joke might be bigger than what she thought it would be, and she began to cop pleas. To make matters worse, she even tried to throw her friend under the bus.

American airline threat

(Photo: Business Insider)

The worst part about everything is that Sarah seems more concerned with her actual Twitter account than the fact that she made a racist tweet that really might be tracked by the FBI.

american airlines tweet

But joke’s on Sarah! Her account has actually been suspended. Maybe next time she will think a little more before she tweets. (Well, when she gets her account back.)


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If You’re Planning A Terrorist Attack, Maybe You Shouldn’t Tweet About It  was originally published on theurbandaily.com