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Even the celebs are coming out to these social media streets to strike at Jay Z while the iron is hot! 50 Cent took to his Instagram account to throw his own little bit of salt on the situation! Take a look at 50′s idea of what that elevator conversation sounded like between Solange and Jay Z in the video below!



And Ironically enough even Dame Dash got in on all the wild behavior today posting the following to his Instagram! It’s not so much the picture itself…but what he wrote next to it that makes it a diss!


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There are some really crazy, very random pics going up all over the internets in fact. Just for the heck of it we threw in a few more that made us shake our collective heads! Check them out below!

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Hmmm maybe now Kenya will really be mistaken for Beyonce for real! Oh no wait…she’d be the Jay Z in this pic…never mind!

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Okay, that’s enough!  We all know what a private family this is and how they must be losing it right now over all this craziness! But maybe it’s truly a form of flattery that people are going so hard in the paint as it pertains to this particular PR nightmare for the super couple Jay and Bey. Everyone is so used to that perfect picture that the one time they see something crazy…they just have to jump in too.

But really…there must be some chill left somewhere in this nation! We’re about to go buy a big heaping helping of it and spread it around!



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