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Just when you thought it was over!

Sources are reporting that LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, despite being deemed mentally unfit,  plans to sue the NBA for $1 Billion.



NBCNEWS reports

Embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is planning to sue the league after he was forced to relinquish control of the team, NBC News has learned.

A source close to Sterling says that he will file a lawsuit this afternoon seeking damages in excess of $1 billion.

The lawsuit comes after former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer agreed to buy the Clippers for a league-high $2 billion. The NBA is reviewing the deal.


An attorney for Sterling told NBC News that he has not agreed to sell the Clippers. A vote of three-fourths of the NBA’s owners at next week’s meeting would force a sale.

USAToday reports: 

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling does not have the authority to stop a $2 billion sale of his team because he has been determined to be mentally unfit to make decisions related to the family trust, a person familiar with the situation told USA TODAY Sports.

The Sterling Family Trust owns the team, with Donald and his wife Shelly each owning a 50% share. The trust spells out provisions and procedures related to the mental capacity of the trustees, and Donald Sterling did not meet the standard in a determination by experts, giving his wife sole decision-making power for the trust, the person said.


Donald Sterling’s lawyer denies the claims that Sterling is mentally unfit.  This could be a crucial factor as Sterling moves forward with his lawsuit against the NBA. 


CNN reports:

Sterling’s lawyer, Maxwell Blecher, firmly shot down this report, calling such a declaration a “vast overstatement.” Blecher said the 80-year-old was diagnosed with a “modest mental impairment” or a “slowing down.”

“(Sterling is) far from incapacitated,” his lawyer said