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Many a Hollywood entity has been accused of stealing ideas and core concepts for films from aspiring writers in the past, but they haven’t been proven, for the most part.

Accoridng to TMZ, the latest person to accuse Hollywood of theft is Constantino Basile, a student at Los Angeles Film School who is suing the writers of “Men In Black 3″ for a whopping $2 billion. He claims that he had turned in a script very similar to MiB 3 in 2011, one year prior to the film being released. On top of that, Basile also claims that two of his other projects have been appropriated by Hollywood as well, being turned into “Prometheus” and “Elysium.”

He even claims that an SNL parody directed by Steven Spielberg, “Laser Cats 7,” was ripped straight from his notebook.

He’s taken all of this action without an attorney. We’ll see how far his $2 billion worth of grievances will take him.

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