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Tupac Shakur‘s musical hasn’t exactly been a box office smash, so there’s a chance it could be shutting down a lot sooner than expected. By that we mean in the next few days.

If you wanted to see Holler If Ya Hear Me, you might want to do it quickly because the production may not survive until next week.

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There have been nothing but crickets in the audience for Holler If Ya Hear Me. At least that’s what the New York Post would have you believe.

Sources close to the Broadway production based on Tupac’s music and poetry have speculate that Sunday may be its last show! After opening last Thursday, it only brought in $170,000 at the box office for the first week. Those might seem like great numbers, but that actually makes Holler If Ya Hear Me the lowest earning show on Broadway.

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According to the Post, it’s nothing short of a miracle that musical even made it to opening night! Supposedly it lost thousands of dollars during its dismal preview, and many Broadway insiders were surprised to see it make a formal debut to the public. Once it was open, Tupac’s musical got mixed reviews.

One producer blames the poor performance on the assumption that the show wouldn’t really appeal to the typical Broadway fan. “There is no demographic for this show,” they stated. “Middle-aged women buy the bulk of tickets, and they’re listening to ‘Tapestry,’ not ‘All Eyez on Me.’”

No one from the Holler If Ya Hear Me production team has commented on the speculation, or confirmed that the show is in danger of shuttering, at this time. For now, this is all just gossip.


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