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What The F@#k You Gon Do?… Not a question …but the actual title of Tameka “Tiny” Harris newly released July 22nd, 2014 solo single; is an immediate attention grabber for sure! The former member of the R&B group Xscape knew just what to do to intensify the buzz already started months ago concerning her and Husband’s Clifford “T.I.” Harris marital issues.

This was a Therapeutic songwriting process for Tiny.

Within her song she sings:

“Boy tell me how you sleep at night, ‘Cuz you left me lonely, and you know that/ If you knew what’s good you would do right. I was on that s— like ‘I’m’a be his ride or die,’ I show you what it feels like to be on the other side, of the gun.”

She also goes deeper lyrically singing:

“Don’t keep trippin’ on me, you know he want it anyway,” as well as the line, “All I wanna’ do is stay down for you, but you make it so hard not to give up on you.”

Click here for “What The F@#k You Gon Do” Music Video

Interestingly enough, On The Same Day, T.I. fans got a first listen of one song from his Next Album Paperwork: The Motion Picture entitled: “Stay” 

He goes all the way in and raps:

“Man I’m tired of tellin’ lies, know you sick of playin’ games. I remember you got a tattoo, put my name on it. Put you in a wedding dress with a train on it. I went and spent a whole mil just to go chill. In Miami, and I be damned if she don’t know my love real. How dare you compare me to dude, girl chill. My piece so close up on it, you don’t see what it is. Shawty, I die, kill, for you if you keep it real. Go to jail, even if I gotta kneel I will.”

He also raps:

“Girl, together or apart but you be forever in my heart, I swear…And even if we end up here, I know it hard. I never love that way again, I swear to God. I be breaking down, you be playing hard.”  He continues at another part rapping: “You can’t say that I ain’t changed your whole life since we met that day, and when we get it right, God bless that day but until then, shawty, I just pray and I just say, I love you and I know you love me too. I love you and I ain’t ashamed to beg you to stay, so that we can be together forever.”

Click here to listen to “Stay” By: T.I.

T.I. and Tiny Both Confirm Releasing Songs On The Same Day (July 22nd), Was NOT A Publicity Stunt!

Tiny told VIBE : “I know it’s hard to believe, but we did not plan for these songs to come out at the same time.”

 T.I. also separately told Devi Dev Of Houston’s 93.7 The Beat that He had nothing to do with releasing “Stay” on the same day. He said: “The song was originally given to Samsung as an “exclusive” record off the album. I think we were expecting for it to remain within Samsung consumers, and some kind of way someone was dishonest and it leaked.” But, he said, “It’s for the best.”

We think its for the best too, when considering chart numbers. Not long after Tiny released “WTFYGD” the song reached No. 5 on the iTunes R&B/Soul charts.

This unplanned strategy between the two, has us all curious and chatting about the possible scenarios leading their current music and lyrical content. Thus, fueling views, sales and creating a strong promotional campaign.

In Full, Tiny Tells Vibe:

My new song is a statement. Some people might say, why put your business in a song? It’s because this is my life and my truth and this is how I choose to express it. Isn’t that what we do as entertainers? We go through stuff and we write about it. This is no different.

I wrote this song a year ago. I never planned to put it out. It was therapy for me. At the time, I was really going through a lot. Stuff that the public didn’t know and still doesn’t know. And over the past year, as things have unfolded publicly, people expected me to speak on it. And then I realized, I did speak on all of this, a year ago, in this song. So it made sense to release it. I’ve had people say, why not just talk to your husband about all this instead of talking to him through a song. Please believe, I’m doing that too! You’re not in our house. You’re not in our conversations. You’re not in our bed at night. This song is not all there is to this relationship.

She Goes On To Say:

I know it’s hard to believe, but we did not plan for these songs to come out at the same time. T.I. did not hear my song until the whole world did. He knew nothing about it. I had heard his song and I loved it. But I did not know he was going to release it. So the day I dropped my song, I’m asking to see how it’s doing on iTunes and someone said, it’s doing great—but did you hear T.I.’s new song? And I’m like, what new song?! And it turns out to be “Stay”.

She Adds:

I’m not just his wife. I’m a singer. I have been for a long time. And it’s a very big part of who I am. I missed being in the studio at first. But with the OMG Girlz, I got a chance to write and produce, and that was how I stayed connected to music.


Sometimes the things that may hurt you also bring out creativity. Tiny Being a seasoned songwriter, dove right into that creative safe place. As for T.I.’s single, even though “Stay” sounds like a direct message signed, sealed and delivered to Tiny; T.I. didn’t exactly admit to her being his muse.

T.I. Went Further And Told Houston’s 93.7 The Beat:  

“As much as people would like to associate it to things that are personal to me… the way that it makes better sense in my mind, if I kind of remove myself from it and just listen to the record and imagine as though I was creating a fictional set of circumstances, sprinkled with some reality,” he explained. “It’s easier for me to conceptualize it that way, that way it don’t feel like people all up in my business.”


Check out the video below:

Well, for both to be established artist, It is not a surprise that they have chosen to communicate musically. At least both sides of the story has been expressed and both have spoken without interruption. The love they have for each other as well as the disappointment, stands out in the lyrics. Now that each has heard the other’s point of view, highly desired wishes of them completely rekindling their relationship, goes out!  It just may be what they needed to do, to slowly rebuild a solid love foundation.  We also wish T.I. well on his next album “Paperwork: The Motion Picture” and would be very interested in a Solo Album release from Tiny.

Story By: @Marquita Cheron


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