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Just after Michelle Obama urges young girls to commit and take education more seriously, this story surfaces. Straight from the sunshine state, California, a group of cheerleaders are now under fire because of a questionable “team photo” taken that went viral. School districts are investigating Redlands East High School cheer squad after a picture of the girls, some with stuffed shirts pretending to be pregnant and some even throwing up gang signs, that hit social media sites.

One would think that these girls had enough sense, if not to think that this dress up may offend people, not to put it on the internet. And yet, it did. Some are coming to the teens defense saying it was just for fun and a harmless joke while others are outraged. One parent who saw the the image on Facebook commented that “it’s really sad” while parent Sherry Garcia took their side saying, “I think they’re just being teenagers, having fun, being silly”. Some fellow classmates of the girls also defended them, saying the girls aren’t racist and very nice people.

Whatever the case may be to Redlands Unified School District Superintendent Lori Rhodes this is no joking matter. She has put the squad on suspension while the investigation is underway and said in a statement, ““I find this picture offensive, and this type of depiction will not be tolerated, I apologized that any Redland USD student organization would be involved in an activity of this type.” The picture was apparently taken  during a team-building exercise, that was ” “build team spirit and camaraderie in a positive manner,” according to Rhodes.

The district superintendent ensures that appropriate action will be taken and figure out the circumstances behind the picture.

See photo here.

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