Ok, so there is now two sides to this Spanky Hayes vs. Tyrese drama.  Yes, Tyrese took it upon himself to have his point proven by creating a recorded, produced an edited video response.  Even though he did a bit much in this dramatic sequence, adorned in a fur cape, and puffing on a cigar as a cameraman followed him around his mansion. One thing’s for sure, Tyrese definitely has the stronger argument.  Says Spanky was all of 13 years old when these alleged auditions took place.

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Tyrese also claims director, John Singleton, wrote the movie with 2pac in mind, and when 2pac passed away, there was only one person he had in mind to replace him, and that was Tyrese.  Hmmm I don’t know about that, but if you have 8 mins of your life to waste,

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