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If you are binge-watching The Wire on HBO Signature this weekend, now digitally remastered, being on Twitter makes the experience even better. Some of the actors and actresses have been live-tweeting during the marathon, reflecting on being part of a classic TV show and revealing things from behind the scenes. If you can’t keep up with both screens, don’t worry. We’ve collected tweets from everybody, from the people who played Bubbles, to Bodie, to Bunk.


Season 1

Bubbles (Andre Royo) was really nervous when he shot his first scene:

Herc (Domenick Lombardozzi) remembers a scene with Bubbles where a real rat crawled over their feet:

One of Bunk’s (Wendell Pierce) favorite moments? Interrogating D’Angelo (Larry Gilliam Jr.):

When it hits you that Day-Day (Donnell Rawlings) is also Ashy Larry:

Bunk recalled that he and Sergeant Landsman (Delaney Williams) had the ladies swooning over them on set. To which the sergeant responds:

Poot (Tray Chaney) revealed that the actor behind D’Angelo taught him a lot:

Lieutenant Daniels (Lance Reddick) chimed in with a salute to his fellow cast members:

Kima (Sonja Sohn) thought the building up to the death of Wallace (Michael B. Jordan) was a work of art:

Bunk also revealed that whenever a cast member was killed off, everybody would come to their final moment and bid them farewell:

Bodie (JD Williams) has a pick for most underrated role on the show:

To wrap up Season 1, how many E’s goes into the classic line from Senator Clay Davis (Isiah Whitlock Jr.)? He offers a number:

Season 2

Sapper (Brandon Tate) gave props to the actor behind Frank Sobatka (Chris Bauer) for transforming into the Stevedore, and he responded that it’s all about the role:

Bubbles tweeted about director David Simon and the cast not receiving awards for the show:

Ziggy (James Ransone) provides a very blunt thought about why people dislike the character:

How much porn did Sergeant Landsman keep in his desk? Think about it in terms of pounds:

One of the film crew members has a photo with Cheese (Method Man):

What about the colorful durags Bodie would wear? That was the idea of the actor:

Lester Freeman (Clarke Peters) says what up to Poot on Twitter. It’s all love outside of the show:

The actress who played Kima had a hand in the creation of Lester:

A fan posted a photo of the real Bunk, Detective Oscar Requer:

Brother Mouzone (Michael Potts) wishes he had a chance to be onscreen with Bunk at the same time:

Sapper reveals what creator David Simon wanted Season 2 to be, in a nutshell:

Namond (Julito McCullum) thinks Sobatka is one of the most unappreciated characters on the show:

Season 3

Poot appreciates how Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) looked out for him on the show and in real life:

Sapper reveals that the demolition of the towers in the opener of season 3 was CGI:

Officer Dozerman (Rick Otto) appreciated how the cast has been going down memory lane again:

Bubbles and Herc would help each other rehearse before acting, until:

Marlo (Jamie Hector) pays respects to the late actor behind Prop Joe (Robert Chew):

Check back throughout the marathon for additional tweets from the cast.

You can also find the author on Twitter at @SeveChambers.

The Wire Cast Tweets Inside Stories, Memories Of Show During HBO Marathon  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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