You may know Tray Chaney from his roll on the HBO Hit TV Show “The Wire”, also from his books and his Music. The DMV native, stopped by 93.9 WKYS to hang out with Dj Gemini and talk about his latest roll on the hit TV Show Saints & Sinners.

In the spirit of nostalgia, check out these TV shows that we'd love to see revived, remade, or rebooted.

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It’s always incredibly sad to watch the aftermath of a natural disaster and how it drastically affects the lives of those in its wake. That is exactly what is happening now, as numerous reports and images are coming out of the recent floods in Louisiana. The floods have been extremely severe and actor Wendell Pierce […]

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston offers interesting perfective to the Jay Z vs Nas debate

Pierce did tell the police that he followed the group to their hotel room, but was grabbed by the accuser and two friends who attempted to "pull him in as he was trying to get away."


Many people believed that the hijacker may have been affiliated with ISIS, but he took over the plane because he wanted to give a letter to his ex-wife.


Nathan Barksdale, the Baltimore drug lord and inspiration behind HBO's hit series The Wire, has died.

Melvin Williams, an actor on The Wire, who was a big inspiration to the show's premise, has passed away at the age of 73.

Although The Wire‘s last episode aired seven years ago, most of the cast still hasn’t been all that far away from Baltimore. In fact, many looked…

Earlier today (April 29), J. D. Williams, who played Preston “Bodie” Broadus on HBO’s crime drama The Wire, took to Twitter to recall being arrested in Baltimore,…