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There was not a dry eye on the stage as Keke Palmer and NeNe Leakes took their final bows on Broadway last night.

The pair wrapped up their run in “Cinderella” on Saturday in New York. After months of work and preparation, Keke reflected on how scared she was at the beginning of her journey. Having come from a tv and film background, the young actress and talk show host didn’t know if she had what it would take to be a Broadway star. She pointed to her faith as a major source of strength and courage with this new adventure.

“Today was the official end of my Broadway debut. 136 shows out of 136 shows, man .. I can honestly say I wasn’t sure if I could do it,” Keke wrote in a post on Instagram. “So many thoughts run through your mind when you’re trying something new, but one thing I always know, is God wouldn’t give me what I was not ready for.”

She added, “This Broadway journey has been all about GOING FOR IT! Stepping into an uncomfortable zone and allowing yourself to get the opportunity to receive all the jewels that you are meant to gain from it.”

Even though her time as Cinderella is done, she’s carrying with her for the rest of her life. Keke mused, “I have gained so much courage and belief in me, in my heart and my intuition.”

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It hadn’t been as long of a run for NeNe, who took over in November for Sherri Shepherd, but the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star was still overwhelmed by all of the support that she got for her theatrical debut.

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Her husband Gregg Leakes and their son were in the audience last night to give her the standing ovation she deserved for all of her hard work on the stage. While NeNe is not usually at a loss for words, she stated that she’s composing her thoughts on her experience in “Cinderella” for a special write-up.

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