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In the new episode of How to Get Away with Murder, Annalise and her law students began the process of proving that Sam murdered Lila, after Annalise told the police what happened the night he supposedly went missing.

Each of the students and Annalise’s colleagues was questioned by the police, and they all recount experiences they had with Sam that might make their case stronger.

The students’ worry that they would become suspects mounted as they worked to try to figure out a viable motive for murder.  Rebecca proposed that maybe Sam was trying to get Lila to have an abortion, which would point to why he would have killed her.

The judge denied Annalise’s request to have Lila’s clinic records released to prove that Sam was the father of her baby.

Nate questioned Annalise about what she knew about the night Sam disappeared and reminded her that they were together at the same time Sam went missing.  Annalise assured him that she had come to him because she needed him, and that she was scared.

Michaela discovered a loophole in the doctor/patient confidentiality law concerning abortion clinics.  Annalise petitioned to subpoena the surveillance footage from the abortion clinic, and the judge agreed so long as the footage was viewed in a secure room in the courthouse.

Frank delivered the DNA results to Annalise, confirming the Sam was the father of Lila’s baby.

Annalise pulled a power move in court to have Sam’s laptop released, which could prove Sam was at Lila’s sorority house the night she was murdered.

As the police questioning continued, the students’ stories seem to begin to unravel.  Michaela ran to Connor and told him that the police were using reverse psychology and that they knew something.  Frank accused Laurel of being a hypocrite, leading her to think that he might know what really happened to Sam.

Annalise proved that Sam was in fact at the Kappa Kappa Theta house at the time of Lila’s death, and the charges against Rebecca were dropped.

Connor and Michaela made a pact to confess, so Wes went to Annalise and begged her to tell the group what she knew.  Annalise confronted the students when they arrived at the police station and convinced them not to go through with it.  She promised them if they let her help them, they would get away with murder.

Sam’s sister showed up to go toe to toe with Annalise.

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