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“It won’t be your standard fair, however. In the spirit of sport, we’re talking about a competition. Emceed by Shaquille O’Neal, we’re looking at a three-round event: Boardroom attire, what to wear on a night out, and what to wear to the game. All-Stars like James Harden and Klay Thompson and the like will walk the runway, each with a supermodel on their arm. After each round, a panel of judges including GQ style editor Will Welch, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, designer John Elliott, and WNBA star Elena Delle Donne will decide who advances.

Style has quickly become one of the NBA’s biggest sub-cultures. What players are wearing when the arrive to the arena is vastly different from what they wear on the court, but also what they wear when they leave for whatever the night has in store. There’s a reason why NBA cameras are positioned near the arena’s entrance on a given night: Whether it’s the latest from Givenchy or someone trying to rep a personal brand, the league’s best also happen to be some of the most popular style icons.

The NFL has stepped its game up as of late, especially when it comes to what players wear on team flights. Baseball is largely a giant mess. There are some highlights, as with any employer, but the best-dressed player I’ve seen in recent memory is Ichiro (Matt Kemp is up there, but I’ve never seen him in person). That the NBA, and it’s best player in LeBron James, are spearheading this sort of venture should be no surprise. After all, he’s come a long way since draft night.

The entire thing will air Saturday, February 14 at 6:30 P.M. ET on TNT. Getcha suede loafers ready.”

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