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Officer Brian Moore, the NYPD cop who was shot in the head by an ex-felon on Saturday has died, the NY Post reports.

Moore, 25, was taken off life support by his family Monday. The cop was in plainclothes when he stopped Demetrius Blackwell, 35, on Saturday after spotting him messing with an object in his waistband. Officials claim Moore and his partner Erik Jansen were in an unmarked car when the incident happened.

After Moore asked Blackwell if he had something in his waist, Blackwell replied “Yeah, I got something,” as he fired three rounds into the vehicle. Jansen was unharmed, but Moore was pierced in his forehead, with the bullet hitting his brain stem before exiting through his neck.

Authorities are planning to change the attempted-murder charges against Blackwell to murder. He was also charged with related assault and possession of a weapon.

Blackwell has nine prior arrests and did time in July 2000 on an attempted murder charge. He is currently being held without bail until his next court appearance May 8.


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