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'Wake Up Call' To Kick Off The Back To School Season With Shaquille O'Neal

Source: Slaven Vlasic / Getty

Le sigh. Walking is hard, mmmk? Or at least, this is what NBA superstar turned commentator Shaquille O’Neal discovered earlier tonight when he slipped, fell, and damn near obliterated TNT’s set during tonight’s halftime of the Clippers/Rockets playoff game.

Judging from a quick Google search, it appears as though there is quite a treasure trove of video clips featuring Shaq Diesel in the battle of his life against gravity, with gravity besting him every. Single. Time.

Luckily, Shaq had a sense of humor about it, which isn’t all that surprising, given his larger than life personality on and off the court.

And then, because there is, in fact, absolutely no chill on the Internet anywhere, Twitter user @its_whitney posted this slo-mo Vine vid:

Pretty sure we’ll be seeing more video mash-ups of Shaq’s tumble, which may actually be this week’s answer to the #UncleDenzel memes that sprang up after the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.


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