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Chris Brown & 50 Cent - 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam

We always hear about the beef, but last night’s 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam proved there is so much solidarity within the hip-hop community, most of which goes unnoticed.

The late rapper Chinx was shown love throughout the entire show, Fab‘s set was more about paying homage to the 90’s greats than it was about his own music, 50 Cent and French Montana set aside their issues to hit the stage together for Chris Brown‘s set, and Meek Mill‘s love for Nicki Minaj was made very clear despite the media constantly questioning the couple’s sincerity.

It was refreshing to see some of the industry’s most talented being acknowledged, regardless of whether or not they were New York artists, women, or from a different hip-hop era – hip-hop definitely has a rep for being close-minded, violent, and misogynistic and last night’s show was anything but. In fact, two of the dopest moments were Fabolous bringing out Remy Ma and Lil Kim, who the audience went absolutely wild for.

One thing was clear after Remy and Fat Joe got the crowd to “Lean Back,” 50 dropped “What Up Gangsta” and “Many Men” to a yearning audience, and a contrite Breezy felt moved to thank his fans for sticking by him through all of his “trials and tribulations” – hip-hop is a vibe. It’s a community. It’s a feeling that fans of the culture can’t get anywhere else.

In my most humble opinion, Summer Jam undoubtedly did right by our community last night. Check out some of the most memorable moments from the show below.


P.S. Rihanna wasn’t there, but her “Bitch Betta Have My Money” was hittin’!

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill - 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam

1. Meek Mill introduces Nicki Minaj. She’s a bad bish but he “don’t want to call her no bitch no more. It’s the motherfucking queen of the rap game in this bitch!”

2. That moment Nicki told Meek she loved him (3:49 mark).

Fat Joe, Raekwon, Method Man, Ebro, Red Man - 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam

3. Fabolous’ set was a bevy of memorable moments, as he brought out a ton of 90’s greats, including Method Man, Redman, Raekwon, Fat Joe, Black Rob, Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star, Remy Ma, Jadakiss, Lil Kim, Styles P, Mase, and more.

Fabolous & Lil Kim - 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam

Lil Kim got the crowd going with hits like “Money, Power, Respect” and “Quiet Storm.”

Mase - 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam

Mase did his dance all night, performing hits like “Been Around The World” and “Feel So Good.”

Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign - 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam

4. Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz Khalifa hit the blunt while performing their sensual hit, “Or Nah.”

French Montana & 50 Cent - 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam

5. 50 Cent came on stage to support French as he performed during Chris Brown’s set. French had the whole stadium shmurda dancing when he dropped his popular “Hot N*gga” remix. Beef ended.

Dej Loaf - 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam

6. Dej Loaf held her own while rapping her fan-favorite “Try Me” during Ty Dolla $ign’s set.

Future - backstage HOT 97 Summer Jam 2015

7. Future’s ice damn near blinded us all. No, seriously… it glows in the dark, or some shit.

8. Future and Meek Mill shed light on police brutality during their time on stage together.

9. Chris Brown’s set was definitely one of my favorites – his talent is undeniable, he has a ton of hits to perform, and he brought out G-Unit.

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