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Mary Jane Paul Disgusted

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Like most of the episodes this season and the two that came before it, the season 3 finale for BET’s hit drama series “Being Mary Jane” shed light on several hard-hitting issues affecting the show’s most prominent demographic.

In addition to tackling interracial dating and the plight of Black women in the workforce, tonight’s episode also addressed the growing epidemic of police brutality against African-Americans and, in particular, African-American women.


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Source: Daniel McFadden / BET

As the final run of the show for this season came to a close, viewers got a front row seat to an all-to-real scene that saw Mary Jane’s 21-year-old niece Niecey get pulled over by two police officers as she was taking her new car out for a drive with her 2 young children in the car. When the cop approached Niecey’s car to ask for her license and registration, Niecey questioned him on why she was pulled over. Although he was initially reluctant to provide any reasoning unless Niecey complied with his instruction to hand over her information, he eventually admitted that he’d pulled her over because her “music was too loud.” Upon learning that she was pulled over for something not considered to be breaking the law, Niecey immediately became annoyed and argumentative with the officer before attempting to roll up her window when he insinuated that she was hiding something.


Much like the series of events that took place during Sandra Bland’s real-life arrest, the officer then attempted to reach into Niecey’s car before eventually opening her door and yanking her out, which caused her to resist. Once Niecey broke free from the officer’s grip, he tased her and she collapsed to the ground as her children watched from the car. The officer continued the forceful arrest and the scene came to an abrupt end just as one of Mary Jane’s staffers was shown showing her a video of her niece being manhandled by the police.


Being Mary Jane leading lady Gabrielle Union took a poll following the scene to get an idea of whether or not BMJ viewers thought Niecey had done the right thing and the results were nearly an even divide.


While some on social media felt that Niecey should have complied with the officer’s request to hand over her license and registration before she began questioning his reasoning for pulling her over, there’s no denying that the root of the problem in the scene (a young Black woman being pulled over for playing her music too loudly) is one that draws a direct parallel to the bigger issue of police brutality against Black women in today’s society.


What did you think of the scene? Should Niecey have kept quiet to avoid confrontation given that her kids were in the car? What would you have done in her situation?


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