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On this special episode of Extra Butter, I sat down with Brothers Grimsby star Sacha Baron Cohen for an uncensored interview, in which he answers questions about body shaming, mass shootings in the United States, and even race issues within the Academy – all using a bit of his infamous humor.

Brothers Grimsby – which follows a secret spy who must team up with his idiot brother – is Bond meets Borat, and Cohen isn’t afraid to push the envelope:

“We thought Bond is always with these supermodels, these super skinny girls. So we thought his brother is into real women with some real — You know. They got something on them,” he said. 

Cohen even joked about race, saying he knows, “there’s no chance this movie will ever get nominated for an Oscar because we cast two African-Americans in it.”

The biggest message came when we talked about gun control and mass shootings. In the film, his character Nobby really enjoys shooting people and random things. I asked Cohen if he ever wonders about going too far on film considering there is a mass shooting in America almost every other week.

“You got to listen to the NRA, guns make you safe. Just look at the statistics. Since 2001, 20 people have been killed by terrorists and since 2001, 400,000 people have been killed by non-terrorists in America, so the statistics speak for them selves,” he joked.

Watch the interview above and be sure to check out Brothers Grimsby in theaters tomorrow.

Sacha Baron Cohen Uncensored: Guns, Body Shaming, & Who Is Iggy Azalea?  was originally published on globalgrind.com