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Donald Trump Makes Campaign Swing Through Iowa

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Gurl Bye: Palin Believes Anyone Who Disrupts Trump Rallies Are ‘Punk A%$ Thugs’

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin loves to come out of her mouth and today was no exception. While stumping for Donald Trump at a recent rally in Tampa, the former Vice Presidential candidate bashed Trump protesters for recently shutting down and/or disrupting his rallies in Chicago, St. Louis and in Ohio, CBS News reported.

“What we don’t have time for is all that petty, punk-a** little thuggery stuff that’s been going on with these “protesters” who are doing nothing but wasting your time and trying to take away your First Amendment rights, your rights to assemble peacefully,” Palin said. “And the media, being on the thugs’ side. What the heck are you guys thinking, media? It doesn’t make sense. Well, you all get it.” 

Gurl, who you calling a punk? And since when is protesting disrupting anyone’s rights? As Think Progress so eloquently points out, “[The First Amendment] does not protect you from protest and criticism.” Boom.

In the end, Trump decided on his own to cancel the event, not the protestors. (CBS News), (Think Progress)

Fugeddabout Drinking New Jersey’s Water Too

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Flint isn’t the only U.S. city confronting a toxic tap water crisis–so is Newark, New Jersey.

Recent tests found high levels of lead in the water supply of 30 Newark public schools, forcing school officials to provide bottled water to their students, NJ Spotlight wrote. The findings were part of an a city-wide annual inspection of “fountains, taps and faucets in the school system’s 65 buildings.”

School officials were given the results last Friday and they later confirmed the news over the weekend. However, the Mayor of Newark doesn’t believe the city has a wide-spread problem. “Our water source is safe in Newark. There are a few issues in the schools,” Mayor Ras Baraka. 

New Jersey is no stranger to shady water and lead poisoning, mostly due to lead paint peeling in older homes and apartments in mostly Black and Latino impoverished neighborhoods. NJ Spotlight noted that according to Department of Health data, in 2014  “more than 3,000 children under age 6 were found to be suffering from lead poisoning.”  And yet, Governor Chris Christie has “line-vetoed” monies for a lead-hazard control fund for his state, saying the issue has been ““overdramatized’’ by lawmakers and health advocates. 

Like Flint, Newark is predominately Black, with African-Americans accounting for half of the city’s population. (NJ Spotlight)

Clinton Makes Longer Apology For Reagan/HIV Gaffe, Sanders Announce Plans On How To End AIDS In America

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The day after Hillary Clinton’s most unfortunate misstep of praising the Reagan’s for their AIDS advocacy and her subsquent brief apology Tweet, the Dem frontrunner released a lengthier and more heartfelt apology on She emphasized her regret in giving the Reagans credit they did not deserve, her own record in trying to fight HIV/AIDS in the U.S. and how the fight to end AIDS is far from over.

She wrote: “I’ve heard from countless people who were devastated by the loss of friends and loved ones, and hurt and disappointed by what I said. As someone who has also lost friends and loved ones to AIDS, I understand why. I made a mistake, plain and simple. I want to use this opportunity to talk not only about where we’ve come from, but where we must go in the fight against HIV and AIDS.”

In the meantime, Bernie Sanders monopolized on Clinton’s misstep and on his website recently released how he plans on addressing HIV at home. His strategy includes making medication for affordable, providing universal health care, expanding prevention, mental health and substance abuse efforts and “ditching patents and instead creating a government-funded “prize” fund for HIV research,” Edge Media Network noted.

Clinton’s plan includes securing affordable HIV treatment, calling out GOP-ran states who refuse to expand Medicaid, reducing out of pocket spending for people living with HIV/AIDS and revving up funds on HIV prevention tools such as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). (Medium), (Edge Media Network). 

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