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Tonight’s episode of Born Again Virgin opens with Jenna, Kelly and Tara locked up after a wild night. That’s how you know their friendship is real. Anyway, Jenna somehow misplaced one of her shoes, which is a major problem because she wasn’t even supposed to be wearing them in the first place. The shoes were on loan to Jenna from a major designer because she was just supposed to photograph them and talk about them for her blog. Obviously, she needed to figure out where they were asaptually. This turned into Jenna and company rehashing the events from the previous night to figure out what happened. Cut to the flash back of Jenna receiving the shoes in the mail and urging Kelly to go out with her so that she can stunt.

They ended up at Club Lotus where the crew split up. Jenna and Tara were working the bar, where they got free drinks from admirers, took selfies and generally had a good time, but Jenna couldn’t stop talking about how she missed Donovan. Meanwhile, Kelly ran into Brian, one of her professional rivals. Brian is a jerk who is upset that Kelly might sign one of his potential clients, who happened to be at the club too, so he went and told a bouncer that Kelly was stalking said client and got her kicked out. Her loyal girlfriends followed and just so happened to run in to Kelly’s old driver from her old job (who was there for Brian). Tara got the bright idea to pretend it was their car a.k.a. they stole the car just to get back at Brian. Through all of this, Jenna still couldn’t stop talking about Donovan. It’s nice that she’s actually giving in to the idea that she likes him.

The first stop on the joyride was for Tara to go confront the dude who unceremoniously cancelled her date. Tara definitely made a scene, but that’s not even the moment they got arrested. Eventually, they ended up at a fountain where Jenna ran around in the water like a madwoman, and that’s where she lost her shoe and that was also when the police caught up with them.

Let’s fast forward back to the present…

Just when they weren’t sure how the heck they were getting bailed out, the guard told them that they were free. It was Donovan who came to the rescue. You know he’s a lawyer, so he pulled some strings to get them out and he happened to have Jenna’s other shoe. The episode ended with Donovan placing the shoe on Jenna’s foot Cinderella-style, and we all sighed collective “aaaaaawwww’s.”


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