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Kanye West At the 2014 Cannes Lions

Kanye West is back! Over the last few weeks, it seems as if Mr. West was constantly in the news for anything other than music. True, The Life of Pablo was released a short time ago but his antics have almost rendered the record irrelevant. While it isn’t popular to clamor for the “old” version of an artist, even the most ardent fans will admit they missed the pre-Kardashian version of Kanye.

Those fans will be very happy once they click “play” on this allegedly leaked joint, “Saint Pablo.” The song finds a much more subdued Kanye in both vocals and instrumentation. Rhyming over a sample of the classic Jay-Z song, “Where I’m From,” “Saint Pablo” finds Kanye addressing almost everything that’s happened to him since the release of his last album. There’s a portion of the second verse that recalls days of when Kanye was “just” a rapper and not…whatever it is he’s claiming to be these days.

“Black on black rhymes is worse than black on black crime/You should hear the truth on how to make a dime/Most black men couldn’t balance a checkbook/But buy a new car, talkin’ ’bout how my neck look/Well it all looks played/Four hundred years later, we buyin’ our own chains.” 

It’s anyone’s best guess where this song will land. Earlier this year, Kanye said he’d be releasing three albums a year and the next one is supposedly titled Turbo Grafx 16It might seem too early for a new Kanye joint but as everyone knows, Kanye does what he wants.



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