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K. Michelle is hard at work promoting her third album, “More Issues Than Vogue”. From the outside looking in, one would think the 32-year-old is having the time of her life between performances, interviews and filming for her two reality series. According to K., life isn’t as glamorous as it appears to be.

In a recent interview with Sway Calloway, the “Mindful” singer shared that she often forgets to eat and that she’s slept all of 10 hours in the past two weeks.

She also revealed that a doctor prescribed her pills for sleeping and others for staying awake also known as “uppers and downers”. Sway encouraged K. to make taking care of herself more of a priority because the world loss Michael Jackson due to his dependency on narcotics for sleeping and waking up.

When a caller shares that he’s a fan of K.’s music, especially the songs that aren’t typically heard on the radio, she breaks down and cries throughout the rest of the interview. K. reiterates how much harder she has to work as an African American singer versus an artist like Adele who get a pass for singing “blue eye soul”.

Catch the revealing interview where K. also talks about her historic deal with Jack Daniels and her plans for her next project to be a country album.


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