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The year was 2006…the yard at Howard University was hot and packed full of family, friends, and loved ones anxiously waiting on Smokey Robinson to hit the stage as the honorary graduation speaker…the day before, I had just turned the School Of Communication’s graduation into an all out party.  Feeling proud of my performance and knowing that I was officially about to become an Alumni of Howard University, I was 21, full of hope and worry about my next step in accomplishing my goals of becoming a radio personality here in the DMV.

Fast forward to today!…I have been on the radio here in my hometown for the last 10 years and am getting ready to celebrate my 10 year reunion from the University you hear me scream about on the radio every homecoming…HU…U KNOW! Time flies, but I am so thankful for my experience at Howard and all of the amazing relationships I have built with my fellow Bison family.  Which is why it was so important for me to answer the call to step up and donate to Howard especially with all the hearsay and news I have heard about a place I once called home.

We all have our thoughts and opinions about the decisions that have been made, but one thing we can do to be proactive, is give back to a place that gave us a platform to kickstart our adult lives.  With that said, I am excited to help my class raise $50k for our reunion…peep the video below and whatever you can do is greatly appreciated!  Looking forward to seeing some old classmates and catching up on the Yard after President Obama speaks power into the graduating class of 2016! congrats to you! Be great and don’t forget to give back as you move forward!