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Missouri Boy Raises $7,000 With Lemonade Stand To Pay For His Adoption

Tristan Jacobson, 9, has raised over $7000 selling lemonade to help his foster family adopt him.

According to the Springfield News Leader, Jacobson’s drug addicted mother dropped her then 5-year old off at a friend’s doorstep in 17 degree weather and never came back. Since then, he has lived with the Davis family, who plan on adopting him. But the adoption process isn’t cheap–it will costs the Davis family $5000. Frankly, money that they just don’t have.

While the family created a crowd sourcing page to raise funds, Jacobson wanted to do his part by selling lemonade. And thanks to vast media coverage and local folks spreading the word, Jacobson raised a whopping $7,100.

“There’s not enough words to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has shown support or given us donations,” Donnie Davis told the Springfield News-Leader. “Everyone has made this possible. We will make sure this child will forever be ours.”

The money left over will go to Jacobson’s education.

Underground Renewed For Season Two, Starts Emmy Campaign

WGN America's 'Underground' World Premiere

Source: Charley Gallay / Getty

If you’re a big fan of WGN’s slavery drama Underground, we have some good news for you: It’s been renewed for a second season. Deadline reported on Monday that the show will be back for another 10-episodes set to debut in 2017.

“With enormous pride we are announcing a second season of Underground, a series that has resonated with so many passionate fans across the country,” said Matt Cherniss, President and General Manager of WGN America and Tribune Studios.

It’s not surprise that the hit show would be back. Since it’s debut, the slavery thriller has drawn 3 million total viewers a week and is the most social cable drama on Wednesday nights, Deadline noted.

The amazing cast includes Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Aldis Hodge, Christopher Meloni and Mykelti Williamson to name a few. Not to mention, singer John Legend is one of the show’s producers.

Congrats! And if you haven’t watched the show yet, please get on it, it’s great.

Woman Claims She Was Denied Service At Family Dollar Because She Is A Lesbian 

A New Orleans woman claims that she was denied service this past weekend at a local Family Dollar store because she is a lesbian.

According to, Melissa Langford, 34, claimed that she overheard a cashier making disrespectful statements about the LGBT community. Langford confronted the cashier suggesting that she keep her opinions to herself because Langford as “very gay.” After that, according to Langford, the cashier refused to wait on her and other people in line who agreed with Langford. Another cashier stepped in to ring them up, after they refused to leave the store until they taken care of.

Langford took video of the interaction and posted it on Facebook where it’s been viewed more than 15K times.

When Langford tried to talk to the manager about the situation, she said the manager wasn’t very helpful.

“Whether I’m right or wrong, (the cashier) shouldn’t be treating a customer this way, and she can’t deny people service just because she feels like it,” Langford said. “She said, ‘I can’t control nothing. She can say and do what she wants,’” Langford recalled.

It’s 2016 folks. Despite what you believe, but you still need to be professional and respectful at the job.

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