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This past Friday, protesters tried to stop Donald Trump from speaking at the California GOP State Convention.

Thousands of people blocked the entrance to the Hyatt Regency. Many threw bottles, jumped on police cars, and fought Trump supporters. Conditions on the ground got so bad, the GOP front-runner was escorted through the backdoor to avoid the crowds.

Trump is no stranger to angry mobs. Throughout his campaign for the highest office in the land, Trump supporters have attacked protesters, leading to plenty of injuries and a number of arrests.

Trump is promising if he doesn’t get the nomination, his supporters are likely to riot at the convention in Cleveland this summer.

A new NBC News/Wall Street poll shows Trump leading Senator Ted Cruz by 15 points among Indiana Primary voters. Trump says if he wins, Cruz is done, but Cruz is promising a contested Republican Convention in Cleveland.

The current delegate count amongst Republican presidential candidates is as follows:

  • Trump: 996 delegates
  • Cruz: 565
  • Kasich: 153

1,237 delegates are needed to secure the nomination.

During Monday’s edition of NewsOne Now, guest host Paul Berry and this panel of guests discussed the violent protests breaking out and if there will be a contested Republican convention.

Steve Munisteri, a former three-term Texas State GOP Chair, said mathematically, “it is impossible for Donald Trump to wrap up the nomination until June 7th.”

He added, “Ted Cruz needs to win Indiana in order to make it a real tough contest — if he doesn’t win Indiana he’d have to win California and that’s very tough to do.” 

Later during the segment, Dr. Cleo Manago, Behavioral Health Expert and CEO of Black Men’s Xchange, addressed the violence that seems to be following Trump around the country. Manago said, “Despite the mayhem that follows Trump — Trump stays high in the polls.”

Munisteri believes the GOP front-runner continues to receive favorable polling numbers because many conservatives and Republicans “like the fact that he speaks his mind and even if they don’t agree with him, they’re tired of the regular politicians.”

According to Munisteri, they appreciate Trump being “authentic.”

Attorney Yolanda Young responded to that statement, “When you have a homogenous coalition, it is very easy to discount things that are being said about marginalized groups.” 

Watch guest host Paul Berry and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the violence at Donald Trump rallies and the state of the Republican race for the party’s presidential nomination in the video clip above.

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