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VIEWS is the perfect title for the album.

First off, the views in Toronto are just so, real views. They’re beautiful, and not just because I just left Quebec to come here. I’ve traveled a lot, and have seen a lot of beautiful buildings, but Toronto is arguably a very aesthetically pleasing city to be in, and as far as Canada is concerned, as a city, Toronto has the whole country beat.

Driving through Toronto last Friday night, the energy in the city was palpable. Out on Queen St. West when the Raptors had just lost game 6, the city was buzzing.

After going to someone’s house and discussing what potentially losing Game 7 in the series could mean, I was optimistic that the Raptors would win. Drake had just dropped VIEWS, I just got to this city, they were going to win. VIEWS was the soundtrack to the night and weekend.

Right now, Toronto is a fun place to be. The whole city is excited by Drake having dropped VIEWS and The Raptors having won Game 7. I watched the game, had to, I’m a Torontonian now. Tonight, the Raptors take on The Miami Heat in Game 4 of the series.

VIEWS is just as beautiful as the city. I’ve been alternating between LEMONADE and VIEWS since I got to T.O., and it has just been a blissful time musically. LEMONADE is genius and a piece for another day, but VIEWS is hitting my heart right now.

My favorite song has gotta be the RiRi-Drake collab “Too Good.” It’s exactly that. It’s light, and sweet, and encapsulates what a lot of people feel in relationships but don’t always necessarily say, as is Drake’s strongest secret-weapon. According to the Toronto Metro, the city’s favorite tracks off VIEWS are “Hotline Bling,” “One Dance” and “Hype” (I dare you to try not to dance to “One Dance”). The album serenades you the whole time, with a flow throughout that some people are criticizing as monotonous, but nah, it gives me a good vibe. Like a Lloyd Banks circa 2006 feel that’s fitting to this time. It’s got a good mix of dance and zoning songs, Drake’s vocals are on point (crisp and melodic) and while it’s still too early for one person to take in all of the lyrics, so far they seem to resonate as well.

According to one woman I spoke to the other day, Drake makes her “proud to be from Toronto.” I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way in the 6. Y’all can’t tell me that’s not the case when just today I saw someone outside a mall blasting “Controlla” from their cell phone. And the funny thing, I was doing the same thing about an hour prior.

And then there’s the Raptors who started Game 7 against the Pacers with a lead and ended up victorious in the end. I’m too excited to be in a city with an NBA team that’s in the playoffs! Last year I was glued to the television whenever LeBron and Curry were facing off during the Playoffs, so the possibility of it being in this city the spring I arrive is almost too much excitement for the sports fan in me to handle.

Yesterday, I got to practice singing within the confines of a GO station terminal waiting area. No one was around and the acoustics were right, so I didn’t pass up the opportunity to practice my songs. And you know what? It felt amazing. With the CN tower in the background of Exhibition station, I was in my version of heaven. One word to sum up this city for me so far? Views.

Drake is so on point with his portrayal of the 6, and I completely understand his pride for the city. And he couldn’t have released at a better time for Toronto. His album is creating a landslide (understatement) in sales, and it deserves to. The album does not disappoint. Definitely not to people in the 6.

Between The Raptors, Drake and my move to Toronto, I’m buzzing, but so is the city around me. Can’t wait for Summer Sixteen.

– Arielle London

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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