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LeBron James Introduces Nike Lebron 12

LeBron James, winner of four NBA MVP awards, was recently asked about Steph Curry winning his second MVP award. His answer was one of approval. He believed Steph “deserved to win the award” and that he was “the best player on the best team.” He also shared a few thoughts on the meaning of “valuable” in the phrase “most valuable player.”

“Look at Steph’s numbers,” he said. “He averaged 30, he led the league in steals, he was 90-50-40 (shooting percentages from the free-throw line, field and 3-pointers), and they won 73 (games). So, I don’t, do you have any debate over that, really, when it comes to that award? But when you talk about most `valuable’ then you can have a different conversation, so, take nothing away from him, he’s definitely deserving of that award, for sure.”

There’s two ways to take the above statement. A logical and reasonable way is to say “Bron is simply pontificating the merits of what it means to be a valuable player in the NBA. And he’s right.” The other way is, “why did he choose right now to wonder about the meaning of an award when he won it four times and never thought to consider this reasoning?” It should be mentioned that these thoughts aren’t mutually exclusive and both worthy of discussion.

What makes Bron’s question a curious one is that given his prior history of subliminal messages towards teammates and the Cleveland Cavaliers in general, he really might be taking a shot at Steph. The NBA was supposed to be Bron’s league. He was going home to the Cavs to bring them a title. Steph Curry cut that short. Curry’s lead the charge for breaking the Bulls’ 72-10 record, while also breaking the records for made threes in NBA history, and has unexpectedly become the new face of the NBA. He also has a very good chance of leading his team on a run to be back-to-back champs. A run that will likely include a head-on collision with the Cavaliers.

Suffice it to say, it’s hard to dismiss the idea that Bron might be a tad bit jealous at Steph’s new-found success.

SOURCE: The Big Lead | PHOTO: Getty


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