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Robert Lewis Dear Charged In Planned Parenthood Attack

Robert Dear, the 57-year-old man charged with 179 counts of murder and attempted murder, was found not competent to stand trial. Dear was arrested after he staged a murderous assault at a nearby Planned Parenthood building that killed three and wounded nine others. Judge Gilbert Martinez made the decision that Dear needs to undergo psychiatric therapy before he’s able to stand trial. He came to this conclusion after Dear tried to fire his defense team.

“Two psychologists said Dear suffered from delusion disorder. He has said he believes the FBI is persecuting him. As officers led him out of the courtroom, Dear shouted at the Judge, “That’s called prejudiced! Prejudiced! Filthy animal!”

He’ll undergo therapy at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo. Steven Pitt, a forensic psychologist, said that most defendants who aren’t competent enough to stand trial can be restored enough to stand trial via therapy. Dear doesn’t agree with the judge’s assessment if his February comments regarding his competency are any indication.

“During that same conversation, he testified to his own competency. “Listen to me. Do I sound incompetent? I’m a college graduate. I could out-debate any of them. I know who the secretary of state is: Kerry. Who’s the head of Germany: Merkel. Who’s the head of the Congress: Ryan. I’m ingenious compared to them.”

Doesn’t that sound like the words of a sane man?

SOURCE: Complex | PHOTO: Getty


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