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Elle Varner sparked a Twitter firestorm when she stepped into the ring of respectability politics and offered her opinion on rape culture. The “Refill” singer posted an Instagram status responding to a flyer that suggests we stop focusing on the length of our young girls’ skirts rather than teaching young boys that women are not sexual objects.

Elle called the statement, the “most ridiculous thing she has ever seen.”

After deleting the post, Elle took to Twitter to defend her stance.

Erykah Badu was dragged for similar views, earlier this year, when she too suggested our young women cover up.

While I believe young girls should dress is a respectable manner in representation of themselves, Elle and Badu’s tweets are problematic because they perpetuate a society that looks to control the female verses teaching men that rape is unacceptable. It places the victim at blame for a crime committed against them.

There is also something to be said about the Internet’s severe reaction to opposing opinions. You may not agree with Elle or Erykah, but they are entitled to their beliefs.

What say you readers? How do you feel about Elle’s tweets?


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