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YG has been bickin’ back and being bool ever since the success of his 2014 debut album My Krazy Life.

Not only has the rapper become a father since then, but he was also shot during a recording session in Studio City by an unknown gunman last year. According to YG, those experiences got him back in the studio.

He told Billboard:

“For me as an artist, as a rapper, I feel like that’s what we’re supposed to do – put our life on blast, you feel me? Just connect with the motherf–kers in the world and let ’em know like, “Shit, I’m out here. We going through some of the same things.” My last album [2014’s My Krazy Life] was based off moments from my life, me being in the business. Still Brazy’s the last two years of my life.”


When asked how the album was inspired by the shooting that took place last year, the Compton emcee revealed:

“All the music, I recorded after the shooting, I probably mention some shit about that shit on the album. Lemme see, the song “Still Brazy,” “Who Shot Me?,” the second verse on “Twist My Fingaz” so it’s like a mix, probably three or four records.”

Fans of the album say this is the deepest and most real YG has ever been. He even addresses politics and police brutality:

“Oh, man, it was just how I feel. It was just me knowing what’s going on in the culture and me being a human and really feeling some type of way. Being in the rap game and the rap community, that’s where it started at. Motherf–kers rapping about what was going in the communities and culture. I feel like, “Damn, ain’t nobody doing nothing, saying nothing big about none of this shit.”

YG insists that his sophomore effort is the album that will get him the respect he deserves in the music business:

“My mission statement on some music shit, I think it’s time for me to get that stamp. I need a Grammy or a nomination. Just give me my nomination. I feel like motherf–kers always be questioning me and my rap shit. They always like, “He don’t be rapping about nothing” or “He’s a singles dude. He just live for singles” or “He ain’t gonna be able to make another My Krazy Life, another classic.” They always saying shit like that when it comes to YG. I want this album to shut their ass up. “

Still Brazy officially drops on Friday, June 17. Check out YG’s full interview here.

SOURCE: Billboard | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Def Jam

Still Brazy: Here’s How YG Feels About Police Brutality & The Grammys  was originally published on globalgrind.com